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Momma to 2 humans, 1 non-human and with Mario for over 20 years! I made a significant shift in my life in 2014 going from a quiet/reserved sensitive stay at home mom to speaking my voice as an “Empath Mama”. I healed childhood wounds, remembered self-love, and unlocked my essence. 


I draw from my extensive education as a coach and spiritual practitioner to create specialized tools and programs for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Women. I share my personal journey in my writing and speaking. Being highly sensitive is not being weak. It takes courage to live life in full awareness. It is time to start honoring our sensitivity and channel it into our higher purposes – embracing our inspiration, passion, and creativity and trusting our inner knowing to live life on our terms. Founder of “Empath Mama” a community website for those that feel and process things deeply. 


• Certified Holistic Life Coach
• Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children
• Certified ThetaHealer®,
• Certified Angel Card Reader
• Certified Kid’s Nutrition Specialist
• Flower and Gemstone Essence Practitioner
• Certified in Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance,
• Certified in Indigo Studies
• Certified Teacher from the Path of Self-Love School
• FemCity Leader
• Sacred Space Holder


Book Completed


As the muse speaker personalinity Heather, shares her personal journey with a daughter experiencing mental illness to inspire others. Offering a different prespective to her daughter’s struggles. Not everything is as it appears!

-A motivational speech, telling a personal story, or a facilitated workshop.
-Uses her energy to offer a new perspective on life.
-Acts as an example to the audience, to encourage them to discover, play or create.


Heather is a Amazon Best Selling Author for her contribution in 3 books. She is currently writing her parenting memoior. She is the voice of highly sensitives and empath mamas. 

Mentor and Leader

Heather loves holding space for others to experience their heart spark moments. She is the leader of her local FemCity collective, supporting women in business. 

Heather also holds workshops and retreats. She is planning her annual Highly Sensitive Mom retreat for 2020. 

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