The Business Wise Women

Supporting women entrepreneurs with resources, tools, and information that will help them turn their visions into reality.

Actionable & Simple Tools

You get actionable and simple tools/tips that you can implement immediately, from years of experience.

Access to Me

As part of your package you will have scheduled time with me to ask questions. Rather than wasting time and money figuring things out and making mistakes; you will have someone to be right by your side. Because let’s be real, one of the most important things is to just get started.

Cost Affective

Our pricing is reasonable, allowing you to reinvest your profits into your business. We know the challenges of making money as an entrepreneur.

Proven Experience

I’m not going to tell you how much money you can make. Instead, I’m going to share with you the tips & tricks of starting a business as a seasoned entrepreneur.
Let’s Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Are you looking to start a new business? Or, you started but need some tools to clear the clutter? Do you feel overwhelmed when you think of all the things that need to be done? I created 4 core kits to help take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Get your business off the ground and blooming. All kits include practical and essential resources to help grow your business at a fraction of the cost and time you can spend on your own.

Reasons to Purchase The Business Kit?

Social Media is Overwhelming

You know the importance of social media but don’t know where to start. Getting started can feel pretty overwhelming. I will provide tools for clarity.

Thinking of Starting a Facebook Group or Membership

Do you need a Facebook group? Are thinking of starting a membership. What platforms are best? I will share my personal experience with you to get you started in the right direction. 

Don't Know What to use for your Website Platform or Email Service

Do I need a website designer? Can I do it myself? You know the importance of communicating with your clients or future clients. What is the best way? How do you build an email list? 

Want to Share Your Message/Vision

You are so excited about your business! Where do you share your message? Is branding important? Do I need a mission or vision statement? 

I’m not a financial planner or business coach but I will provide the basics for you to get started as an entrepreneur. Once you got the basics, it is up to you to make your business happen.

I’m here to teach women how to be successful in life and business by sharing my entrepreneurial experience, to save you time and money.


Heather’s knowledge of what to do to increase business as an entrepreneur is amazing! Her nurturing nature will help quell any second-guessing. Social media can be a drag but Heather does the heavy lifting so you can learn to rinse and repeat strategies making this task far easier. Don’t walk blindly while creating a group for your clients, Heather’s knowledge will shed light on the ins and outs as well as strategy to keeping things fresh and consistent. Email and websites can be overwhelming, learn easy ways to rinse and repeat your content and maximize your web presence. Hop to it, I’ve increased my email list, become confident about social media, and learned how to create content that converts on my website. Thank you, Heather!

Amy Vasterling

Speaker, Intuitive, Community Builder, Intuitive Pathfinder

About Me

Hi, I’m Heather! Founder of Business Wise Women – I help small businesses start or grow by sharing what I have learned over years of personal experience, paid training, and networking. I created the Business Wise Women Kits to help turn your vision into reality.

I’m the Founder of Empath Mama, a community for sensitive moms. I lead my local networking group through FemCity. I have written four collaborative books, plus my memoir to launch in January 2022. I have blogs on ThriveGlobal, Elephant, and Medium. Plus, I have been on various Podcasts.

And, I want to support YOU!

Kit 1 – Social Media

There is so much information out there about social media. It can seem overwhelming at times. Learn how to stay on message, where and when to show up, and how to leverage social media for the best results – even if you are not a social media guru. ***Includes a 30-minute zoom or phone call with me. You can purchase an additional 30 minutes for $25 for a total of 60-minutes.


Kit 2 – Creating Groups

Creating a group or community for your business is a great way to build trust, expand your network and drive organic traffic. It’s also a great way to get free marketing. I will share how to get started and the best platforms to use. ***Includes a 30-minute zoom or phone call with me. You can purchase an additional 30 minutes for $25 for a total of 60-minutes.


Kit 3 – Website & Email

There are several reasons why you may want a website for your small business. One may be the ability to connect with customers over the internet. Another may be the need for content marketing, ecommerce capabilities.

Building an email list is an excellent first step for many small businesses trying to establish themselves online with limited resources. I will share my experience with different website platforms and how to use email to grow your client list.  ***Includes a 30-minute zoom or phone call with me. You can purchase an additional 30 minutes for $25 for a total of 60-minutes.


Kit 4 – Sharing Your Message

There are people looking for your business but cannot find it. To build a successful business, you need to find ways to share your message and story with others. I will share where to share your message and how. ***Includes a 30-minute zoom or phone call with me. You can purchase an additional 30 minutes for $25 for a total of 60-minutes.


Business Basics Kit
(all 4 kits include in this price)

As an entrepreneur, we know you work hard and deserve a little help to get ahead. That’s why the Business Basics Kit has everything you need to succeed. ***Includes a 60-minute zoom or phone call with me. You can split up into 2 30-minute times or 1 60-minute. 


Still Have Questions?

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