Join my Book Launch Team

Word of mouth is always, always the best advertising. That’s why I’m looking for a few dozen enthusiastic and well-connected folks to be part of the book launch team for my

soon-to-be-released memoir

“The Sensitive Ones”

Benefits of being part of my launch team

  1. A free book – Every member of the launch team will receive a print and autographed copy of the book.
  2. New connections with some awesome people – I’ve already begun building the team. We have some amazing, supportive, fun people on it! You will all enjoy the new connections.
  3. Encouragement and support – If you are a parent of a child that struggles with mental illness or understnding their sensitivity, then you will be surrounded for a weeks by folks who get you. They know what you’re going through because they’ve either been there or are there now.
  4. My sincerest gratitude – I can’t get the word out about this great new resource by myself. I need help. And I will be so thankful to everyone who lends a hand.
  5. You will be recognized at the book launch party – When celebrating the launch of my book your name and role will be shared with all in attendence (if this is Ok with you). 


What are the expecations

I know you are busy! But if the thought of committing to anything else makes you break out in a cold sweat, then please don’t read any further. But, if you’re still with me, I promise to make being a launch team member as easy and painless as possible. And, you don’t have to do it all. You can help in one area, a few, or all, based on what your schedule allows. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the ways launch team members could potentially help:

  • Social Media – You could either initiate posts and memes I will make available in advance or you can share things I post. (There will be a private page on my website full of promotion resources.)
  • Reviews – Review of the books on Amazon, Goodreads, BookHub, and Barnes & Noble are always helpful!
  • Guest blog – If you have a website or blog, I would love to be your guest. I could provide a topical guest post and a book for a giveaway.
  • Preorders – Although launch team members will receive a copy of the book, preorders will help push the book up in the rankings on release day. If you have someone who would enjoy getting the book as a gift, a preorder would be helpful!
  • Launch party – If possible, I would love for you to attend the Facebook launch party. (The date is still to be determined)
  • Parent groups – If you are a part of, or know of, any groups for parents that would benefit from hearing about this book, I’d love for you to share it.

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