Virtual 1/2 Day VIP


This is a 1/2 day virtual VIP day to jump start your transformation (approximately 3 hours). Self-love assessment, 45 minute Pre-VIP zoom chat. We will use zoom to communicate with each other, so you can be anywhere. We will create a strong self-love foundation and make shift happen.



This is what we will cover in your Virtual VIP Day Intensive:
First I will send you my welcome package to be crystal clear about what you want to accomplish. You will also receive a link to take a self-love quiz.
45 minute Pre-VIP day chat via Zoom.
We will work together to strengthen your self-love.
Create a Goddess style plan to light a spark within your soul so you can stand strong in your essence.
VIP days are days that are created just for you. It is one on one focused time designed specifically to propel you forward.


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