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Hello, I am Heather! I am so happy you are here. I am a married, mom of 2 amazing children; Ellie (19) and Lucca (13). I live in Minnesota and love the changing of seasons, most of the time. 

During the most challenging time in my life, I found self-love and experienced a transformation, which included finding my voice, my spark and elevating my vibration from sadness to joy.

This challenging time was when my daughter was 14-years-old and spent 5 months in an Inpatient Residential Treatment Facility for mental illness. This gave me time to focus on me and not as a parent to a child with anxiety, depression, adhd, oppositional defiant disorder, and suicidal ideation.  

I called this time my awakening. It was a time where I looked deeper at life, at circumstances and at myself. It was a time to seek empowerment on all levels.

Once my daughter returned, I continued the work on healing myself and learning various spiritual modalities. This turned out to be a blessing for my daughter. She made a transition from the mainstream medical system for her mental illness to holistic options.

I found my voice and began to advocate for myself and child. This was challenging as I was a shy child and not someone that wanted to draw attention. When you remove limiting believes and use your voice it will ignite change.

I share my truth to transform lives in my writing, speaking, and as a mentor.

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Phone: 651.307.4495

Email: h.nardi@comcast.net

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